Supin Sheet Metal

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Supin Sheet metal offers high quality sheet metal fabrication services, heating services, air conditioning services throughout the Long Island area.

  • Heating & Cooling Installation

    Let us help you design an energy efficient system to keep you and your family comfortable. Ready for an upgrade or more energy efficient system? We have options to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Every piece of equipment that we put in our customers homes or business is installed with pride.

  • Heating & Cooling Service

    We stand behind our work – if we have installed a furnace or air conditioner for you, we will repair or service it. Just give us a call. We do not offer maintenance agreements but we do offer our guarantee.

    We pride ourselves on being able to accurately and quickly create an estimate for our customers. No hidden costs, just the bottom line cost so you can make the decision without haggling or price slashing.

    We want to deal honestly with our customers. If something goes wrong on a job site, we will make it right.
    We offer our guarantee of our work – if you have a problem give us a call to come back and make it right before turning to another company. We stand behind our work.

  • Custom Sheet Metal

    We take pride in every single job that we do, no matter how small or big. We love helping our customers take the designs they have in their head and make them a reality. We can create custom work just for you and your home. Residential and business projects aren’t one-size fits all and we can custom build everything. We build all custom items right here in our shop. Give us a call today to learn about how our sheet metal fabrication services can help you.